Staining: Best Method for Enhancing your Concrete Floor

Of all the available methods at your disposal, staining is the most popular in both residential and commercial concrete flooring.  Fact is, concrete floors are quite versatile which gives you the opportunity to get almost any look you want in order to suit the design aesthetic as well as budget limitations.

 According to decorative concrete company Minnesota, with staining you can add small hints of color or bolder design accents if you wish. You could also even add custom graphics if you so choose. Great thing is with staining you can do it even with old or new concrete floors and it works also quite well with overlays.  Moreover, the fact that stains penetrate deep into the surface of the concrete they are able to produce a permanent and fade-resistant veneer.  This is not at all possible if you use common paint or coatings as they will eventually flake or peel off.


Depending on your preference you can select either water or acid-based stains.  Acid stains can penetrate and then react chemically with the concrete producing natural color variation that adds character and unique mottling properties.  The look you can achieve would be something similar to granite or marble. The problem with this approach however is the color selection is somewhat limited as you can choose only between understated earth tones like soft blue greens, tans, terra cotta and brown.

If you prefer more color to your floor, decorative concrete contractor Minnesota recommend using water-based staining. This approach gives you the full library of available colors to choose from. Moreover, colors can be blended with one another in order to achieve more robust color schemes.

Truth be told, there is almost limitless possibility in terms of decorative effects using either acid or water-based stains. If you are overwhelmed with the options at your disposal, the trick is to keep things simple by selecting only one stain color in a palette that complements your home décor. Want to be more daring? Go for a variety of stain color schemes to establish a customized appearance for your floor.