Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance Advice

If you have concrete floors chances are you have a polished one as well. Unlike vinyl, polished concrete floors does not require stripping and waxing annually which saves you a lot of money in terms of maintenance costs.  Like any floor however, it does require some tender loving care in order to look good as new as the day it was polished. Here are some tips.

According to Concrete coating removal company Minnesota  experts, when cleaning a polished concrete floor it is recommended that you use a microfiber pad. Soil is one of the ingredients found in concrete and works as an abrasive and attracts dust particles as well. Collecting dust particles alters the look, clarity and shine of the floor.

If you are going to do a wet wash of your concrete floor, only use clean mops and water or else the dirt and grime will make a shiny floor look quite dirty instead of clean. If the floor sees a lot of heavy traffic and some degree of dirt, you can use a neutral floor cleaner as this can easily suspend the dust and debris making cleaning the floor much quicker and more efficient.  If you notice spills and stains do wash it off immediately to prevent it from staining the floor.

When you are using a cleaner, concrete sealing company Minnesota experts recommend that you provide sufficient time to get rid of all the dust and dirt buildup. This is important especially when dealing with hard to remove stains like grease.  Remember haste, makes waste.

Be systematic when cleaning your polished concrete floors. Start mopping in sequence instead of just picking a random spot. Not only will you clean more efficiently you will also be able to clean much faster. You also ensure you do not miss a spot.

When using a cleaner do not allow it to become dry. Make sure to divide the floor into small sections and use the solution from the 1st area and then move on to the next one.  It is important that you use only a neutral pH cleaning solution and stay away from stuff that contain bleaches, ammonia, pine-based cleaners in order to prevent damage to the polished floor.