Your 2017 Homebuilder Marketing Plan

With 2017 just around the corner and with that a new president in the White House as well a lot of people are looking toward the New Year to start afresh. As homebuilders we need to keep abreast of the latest marketing trends in order to stay on top of our game and ensure we have a steady stream of customers. Here is some 2017 homebuilder marketing advice.

If you were not at all that happy with the results from the current year’s efforts now is the perfect time to think about what you want to change. It is not an issue of simply throwing more money to gain more leads and sales or upping the budget for marketing. If you want your homebuilder sales to grow you need to be smart.

Determine the Market

You may have done this already but have you stayed abreast on what your target audience needs? It is important to note that not every person that is looking for a home is a good candidate for the services you offer. If you attempt to appeal to all, you might just end up reaching no one. There is a big difference between a people looking to purchase a $400,000 dollar home versus one who prefers something in the million-dollar range.  To know your target audience in detail, you need to establish a marketing persona.  You need to determine price sensitivity, age, income level, family size and degree of customization required.


Once you know who your audience is you need to determine some important messages for instance, price, family size, level of income and customization are great for starters. However, you also need to zero in on specific questions your clients may have.  Determine issues like building process, load applications, type of materials, neighborhood, floor plan, cost and value and more. The key is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and give out answers to questions they have about building a home.

Using the Media

According to new homebuilder lead generation experts, to find success in marketing your homebuilding services you cannot merely rely on just one source to be able to connect to your market. If you are just using your website to market then you are already light years behind your nearest competitor who is using Facebook or Twitter.  Use the media and use it right so you can avail of their basic core benefits and then build from there.