The Importance of Engagement for Homebuilders

When it comes to homebuilding marketing chances are the focus of your effort is to reach your target audience. Your goal is to define who your audience is and what is important for them. Chances are you have already established an online persona to help in defining your potential customer base.

Taking it a Step Further

While you are doing things right by this, it is not by any means done. Homebuilder marketing should not stop at people reading your brochures or viewing your ads or discovering your presence online. If you really want a better batting average of possibly doing business with these folks the key is to engage them.

Engagement and Interaction

These two words, engagement and interaction are not sales pitches you can simply mouth off to your marketing team and expect them to do it right.  If you have been in the business of home building for some time not you know that that the sales cycle for construction new homes or undergoing a remodeling project is quite long.


If you want your homebuilder sales conversion stats to rise you need to provide your leads and prospects with answers to their questions. Surely, they have a ton of them that they are just waiting to throw at you. Your website should be the portal that provides the information they are looking for.  While it is important to have a slick looking site, it should be simple and easy enough to navigate. If you want to elevate your chances of converting your prospects you need to step it up with the following:

Blogs –You can cover a lot of information on a wide array of topics to satisfy the need for information of your prospects. Talk in detail about topics that interest them. The language you use should be more casual and conversant rather than clinical. You are sharing information not teaching a class.

Virtual Tour – Give your prospects a virtual guided tour of some of your existing projects. Sometimes all that is needed to convince them is a visual idea of what they can expect. Make sure to provide a way for them to contact you.