Homebuilder marketing is a Continuous Process

For many homebuilders, marketing is something that is focused only on activities but not as a continuous process. How is this so? Builder A posts an ad on the radio or drops a ton of mail to prospects and then expects that activity to carry him all throughout the sales quarter or season.  The truth of the matter is, getting a client in the homebuilding business is very difficult and requires a lot of investment in time and effort for the simple reason that people do not buy properties the same way they purchase shoes unless you happen to be one redhead billionaire who won a recent election.  A lot of thought and research goes into the minds of people prior to them becoming ready to singing a contract. The trick is to help them along that road until they are ready.

It all Begins Online

The road to homebuilder sales conversion begins with an innocent search online for information. Once you identify people interested in what you have to offer you do not immediately give them a contract and the details of your bank account for them to deposit their payment for your services no.  You need to be the one that they go-to in order to get the proper information they need and once you have gained that trust you will be able to show them what area of the homebuilding industry you are really good at.  You give them a choice while at the same time, be able to weed out those that are not really interested to take it further.

You got the Leads not develop them

If your new homebuilder lead generation machine has provided you with enough leads to go on you need to start encouraging and developing them so they become qualified leads which you can then turnover to sales. How long does the process take? Its different depending on the homebuilder. There are some that took only a week of convincing and follow-up to become clients and there are those that took months before anything interesting occurred.  The gist of the matter is to look at your marketing effort as a continuous activity that needs constant development and encouragement rather than something of a single activity with single-minded results.