Essential Things Your Contractor Would Prefer You to Know

Upon hiring a concrete contractor there are several things you need to discuss immediately in order for the project to begin properly. Most of the time, these issues are not spoken of and sometimes never discussed until something messes up. By informing your contractor of these issues you will be able to establish a better working relationship with him and in turn get the results you expect. On the part of the contractor he will have peace of mind knowing that you understand the process and what is necessary in order to achieve the results you want.

Request for a Mockup

According to home concrete floor contractor MN experts, to avoid any surprises ask your contractor for a mockup using the same materials, tools and methods that will be implemented on the project. Contractors prefer that you visit their showrooms so that you will be able to appreciate small-scale samples of the colors, patterns, methods and other techniques that he is good at.

Never be Afraid to ask for Something Fantastic

Do you have an idea that is a bit over the top for your countertop or concrete floor?   Is it possible that the scheme you prefer is not mainstream or there is an interest in an unusual geometric design perhaps?  Be sure talk it over with him. Don’t be afraid, the more open the lines of communication, the better you will know whether or not you have chosen the right person for the job.

Imperfections are Fine

According to decorative concrete company MN, , concrete is not some manufactured product that rolls out perfect from the get-go.  Minor imperfections are always expected (and accepted) when it comes to dealing with such a flexible material. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why concrete is so popular is due to the imperfections in it that provide character to the finished product. For instance, the mottled colors of a stained floor or the organic appearance of a concrete countertop.

Work Takes Time

Due to the extent of craftsmanship involved, decorative concrete applications usually takes a few days to complete, depending on how simple or complex the project is.  In order to say create a customized countertop, templates need to be created, form needs to be constructed, installation and curing of the concrete, addition of stains and then polishing and sealing.