How to Keep Genuine Communication in Builder-Marketing

In the highly competitive world of builder marketing it is not unusual to discover websites that look slick and sophisticated from the get-go. Should you also go for that type of website for your own? Yes and no. Do not get me wrong, it is paramount you have a website that is visually attractive and is intuitively designed  what you do not want is a site that is too sophisticated that users no longer feel it to be accessible for them.  In short you want to keep genuine communication through your site and not have it lost in translation.

Too Much Automation

Marketing automation is essential for new homebuilders but there is a limit to what you can place on your site. Follow the rule that says” Does not mean you can, that you should”.  Sure you can automate stuff on your site even provide automated response to possible customers when they click on certain buttons. This is good because customers will get a definite response but can also backfire on you if a visitor actually asks a question and they get an automated answer that does not have anything to do with their query.  This creates an impression that you are just too busy to talk to someone.

Too Quick

Providing a customer with a prompt reply is good. Providing a prompt reply that does not actually answer the question of the customer is something else. It is important that you take a bit of time to think through the response. What is the visitor really asking for? Quick but inaccurate response is worse than a slower one that actually delivers the right answer to the question posted.

Sounding Like a Smart-Ass

While you want to establish yourself as an authority in the homebuilder business, you also do not want to come across as pompous and arrogant when providing answers to customers.  According to remodeler sales training experts, more often than not this comes down to the tone of your answers. You need to assure your prospects that you do know what you are doing but you also do not want them to feel stupid or naïve for asking their questions. You need to come across as somebody that is working with them in order to get the best solution.