Homebuilder Site Pages You Need to Have in 2017

The core of any modern marketing for homebuilding companies are usually websites Whether it is intentional or not, customers are turning to the internet to look for services and products including you guessed it renovation services.  Here are some homebuilder site pages that will benefit you in 2017.

Glossary Page

This is basically a guide that aims to explain industry-specific jargon, which is an excellent means of creating lots of valuable content to your visitors. The fact that glossaries are by nature rich in keywords, they are perfect for boosting your search engine rankings without raising any red flags from Google.

Video Gallery Page

If you are a homebuilder with an online presence for quite some time, chances are you already have a photo gallery showcasing your recent completed projects. If you want to see a spike in homebuilder sales conversion stats, add a video page that links to YouTube or any video channel that can show streaming content and you are gold.

Resource Library

According to new homebuilder lead generation specialists, downloadable content is one of the best means of getting customers to opt in to your marketing email list. To create a resource page, collect a few good pieces of long-form content like reports, whitepapers and e-books and then add them regularly to your website.

FAQ Page

Information is the number one reason why visitors look at websites. Providing customers with an FAQ page does wonders for your content marketing because it is a natural way to answer customer questions while at the same time establishing good quality, keyword-focused yet natural content that is always a hit with search engines.

Site Map

Great for visitors and search engines love them to bits. Site maps allow visitors to navigate a site quickly, easily and therefore conveniently.  Make sure to regularly upload a new XML site map to the hosting account as well as all your webmaster accounts too.

Awards Page

If you have been getting awards from your peers for your amazing work, do not let them gather dust in your office drawer. Show it off to existing and potential customers via your website. Awards show that you have a good reputation in the community and that your work is being appreciated. Showing what you have achieved to visitors can mean the difference between getting a signed contract early on or customers having to think things through.