Homebuilder Site Pages You Need to Have in 2017

The core of any modern marketing for homebuilding companies are usually websites Whether it is intentional or not, customers are turning to the internet to look for services and products including you guessed it renovation services.  Here are some homebuilder site pages that will benefit you in 2017.

Glossary Page

This is basically a guide that aims to explain industry-specific jargon, which is an excellent means of creating lots of valuable content to your visitors. The fact that glossaries are by nature rich in keywords, they are perfect for boosting your search engine rankings without raising any red flags from Google.

Video Gallery Page

If you are a homebuilder with an online presence for quite some time, chances are you already have a photo gallery showcasing your recent completed projects. If you want to see a spike in homebuilder sales conversion stats, add a video page that links to YouTube or any video channel that can show streaming content and you are gold.

Resource Library

According to new homebuilder lead generation specialists, downloadable content is one of the best means of getting customers to opt in to your marketing email list. To create a resource page, collect a few good pieces of long-form content like reports, whitepapers and e-books and then add them regularly to your website.

FAQ Page

Information is the number one reason why visitors look at websites. Providing customers with an FAQ page does wonders for your content marketing because it is a natural way to answer customer questions while at the same time establishing good quality, keyword-focused yet natural content that is always a hit with search engines.

Site Map

Great for visitors and search engines love them to bits. Site maps allow visitors to navigate a site quickly, easily and therefore conveniently.  Make sure to regularly upload a new XML site map to the hosting account as well as all your webmaster accounts too.

Awards Page

If you have been getting awards from your peers for your amazing work, do not let them gather dust in your office drawer. Show it off to existing and potential customers via your website. Awards show that you have a good reputation in the community and that your work is being appreciated. Showing what you have achieved to visitors can mean the difference between getting a signed contract early on or customers having to think things through.


How to Keep Genuine Communication in Builder-Marketing

In the highly competitive world of builder marketing it is not unusual to discover websites that look slick and sophisticated from the get-go. Should you also go for that type of website for your own? Yes and no. Do not get me wrong, it is paramount you have a website that is visually attractive and is intuitively designed  what you do not want is a site that is too sophisticated that users no longer feel it to be accessible for them.  In short you want to keep genuine communication through your site and not have it lost in translation.

Too Much Automation

Marketing automation is essential for new homebuilders but there is a limit to what you can place on your site. Follow the rule that says” Does not mean you can, that you should”.  Sure you can automate stuff on your site even provide automated response to possible customers when they click on certain buttons. This is good because customers will get a definite response but can also backfire on you if a visitor actually asks a question and they get an automated answer that does not have anything to do with their query.  This creates an impression that you are just too busy to talk to someone.

Too Quick

Providing a customer with a prompt reply is good. Providing a prompt reply that does not actually answer the question of the customer is something else. It is important that you take a bit of time to think through the response. What is the visitor really asking for? Quick but inaccurate response is worse than a slower one that actually delivers the right answer to the question posted.

Sounding Like a Smart-Ass

While you want to establish yourself as an authority in the homebuilder business, you also do not want to come across as pompous and arrogant when providing answers to customers.  According to remodeler sales training experts, more often than not this comes down to the tone of your answers. You need to assure your prospects that you do know what you are doing but you also do not want them to feel stupid or naïve for asking their questions. You need to come across as somebody that is working with them in order to get the best solution.


The Importance of Engagement for Homebuilders

When it comes to homebuilding marketing chances are the focus of your effort is to reach your target audience. Your goal is to define who your audience is and what is important for them. Chances are you have already established an online persona to help in defining your potential customer base.

Taking it a Step Further

While you are doing things right by this, it is not by any means done. Homebuilder marketing should not stop at people reading your brochures or viewing your ads or discovering your presence online. If you really want a better batting average of possibly doing business with these folks the key is to engage them.

Engagement and Interaction

These two words, engagement and interaction are not sales pitches you can simply mouth off to your marketing team and expect them to do it right.  If you have been in the business of home building for some time not you know that that the sales cycle for construction new homes or undergoing a remodeling project is quite long.


If you want your homebuilder sales conversion stats to rise you need to provide your leads and prospects with answers to their questions. Surely, they have a ton of them that they are just waiting to throw at you. Your website should be the portal that provides the information they are looking for.  While it is important to have a slick looking site, it should be simple and easy enough to navigate. If you want to elevate your chances of converting your prospects you need to step it up with the following:

Blogs –You can cover a lot of information on a wide array of topics to satisfy the need for information of your prospects. Talk in detail about topics that interest them. The language you use should be more casual and conversant rather than clinical. You are sharing information not teaching a class.

Virtual Tour – Give your prospects a virtual guided tour of some of your existing projects. Sometimes all that is needed to convince them is a visual idea of what they can expect. Make sure to provide a way for them to contact you.

Homebuilder marketing is a Continuous Process

For many homebuilders, marketing is something that is focused only on activities but not as a continuous process. How is this so? Builder A posts an ad on the radio or drops a ton of mail to prospects and then expects that activity to carry him all throughout the sales quarter or season.  The truth of the matter is, getting a client in the homebuilding business is very difficult and requires a lot of investment in time and effort for the simple reason that people do not buy properties the same way they purchase shoes unless you happen to be one redhead billionaire who won a recent election.  A lot of thought and research goes into the minds of people prior to them becoming ready to singing a contract. The trick is to help them along that road until they are ready.

It all Begins Online

The road to homebuilder sales conversion begins with an innocent search online for information. Once you identify people interested in what you have to offer you do not immediately give them a contract and the details of your bank account for them to deposit their payment for your services no.  You need to be the one that they go-to in order to get the proper information they need and once you have gained that trust you will be able to show them what area of the homebuilding industry you are really good at.  You give them a choice while at the same time, be able to weed out those that are not really interested to take it further.

You got the Leads not develop them

If your new homebuilder lead generation machine has provided you with enough leads to go on you need to start encouraging and developing them so they become qualified leads which you can then turnover to sales. How long does the process take? Its different depending on the homebuilder. There are some that took only a week of convincing and follow-up to become clients and there are those that took months before anything interesting occurred.  The gist of the matter is to look at your marketing effort as a continuous activity that needs constant development and encouragement rather than something of a single activity with single-minded results.

Your 2017 Homebuilder Marketing Plan

With 2017 just around the corner and with that a new president in the White House as well a lot of people are looking toward the New Year to start afresh. As homebuilders we need to keep abreast of the latest marketing trends in order to stay on top of our game and ensure we have a steady stream of customers. Here is some 2017 homebuilder marketing advice.

If you were not at all that happy with the results from the current year’s efforts now is the perfect time to think about what you want to change. It is not an issue of simply throwing more money to gain more leads and sales or upping the budget for marketing. If you want your homebuilder sales to grow you need to be smart.

Determine the Market

You may have done this already but have you stayed abreast on what your target audience needs? It is important to note that not every person that is looking for a home is a good candidate for the services you offer. If you attempt to appeal to all, you might just end up reaching no one. There is a big difference between a people looking to purchase a $400,000 dollar home versus one who prefers something in the million-dollar range.  To know your target audience in detail, you need to establish a marketing persona.  You need to determine price sensitivity, age, income level, family size and degree of customization required.


Once you know who your audience is you need to determine some important messages for instance, price, family size, level of income and customization are great for starters. However, you also need to zero in on specific questions your clients may have.  Determine issues like building process, load applications, type of materials, neighborhood, floor plan, cost and value and more. The key is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and give out answers to questions they have about building a home.

Using the Media

According to new homebuilder lead generation experts, to find success in marketing your homebuilding services you cannot merely rely on just one source to be able to connect to your market. If you are just using your website to market then you are already light years behind your nearest competitor who is using Facebook or Twitter.  Use the media and use it right so you can avail of their basic core benefits and then build from there.